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Bottom-Mount Refrigerator – LG Electronics LFX32945ST Door-in-Door Fridge

LG Electronics’ copped its second consecutive VIP Award in the bottom-mount refrigerator category for its innovative mega-capacity door-in-door fridge.

The door-in-door design, which first appeared on LG’s flagship French door refrigerator, consists of a compartment within the right-side door that can be used to hold more frequently accessed contents like beverages and condiments. The compartment features a magnetically sealed door bin that provides fast and easy access without opening the main refrigerator cavity, thereby maintaining steadier temperatures.

Indeed, LG said the configuration can reduce cold air loss by up to 47 percent to help keep food fresher longer. The compartment is accessed by pushing a button on the refrigerator door handle that releases the magnetic seal.

The LFX32945ST, introduced to the trade as a followup last year, is the largest capacity model in LG’s rapidly expanding door-in-door line and has the largest capacity in its class, the company said, boasting 32 cubic feet of storage space while still conforming to the standard 36- inch kitchen width.

The French door fridge also features a three-tier organization system within the freezer and a four-compartment crisper, as well as EasyReach bins, which are easy-toreach compartments located right in front that are ideal for storing small snacks.

The LFX32945ST is also Energy Star certified, and uses at least 20 percent less energy than the federally mandated standard, making it is easier on wallets and the environment.

Like all door-in-door models, the LFX32945ST also boasts a linear compressor for steady temperatures, and LG’s thin vacuum and enhanced-foam insulation technology for slimmer fridge walls. Other features include bright LED lighting; LG’s proprietary Slim SpacePlus streamlined in-door ice-making system with usable door bins and unobstructed top shelf; and “smart” diagnosis, which allows over-the-phone troubleshooting.

The fridge carries a suggested retail of $3,699 and a street price of $3,329, and is available at national and regional chains and independent dealers.