Boston Updates GTA Amp Line

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Las Vegas - Boston Acoustics is introducing six GTA series that boost output up to 25 percent over their predecessors without boosting prices.

The amps, shipping in April, consist of two-, one-, and five-channel models price from a suggested $299 to $499. They are the:

·         GTA-602: $199, a 2x60-watt AB amplifier;

·         GTA-802: $249, a 2x80-watt AB amplifier;

·         GTA-704: $249, a 4x70-watt AB amplifier;

·         GTA-500m: $299, a 1x500-watt Class D amplifier;

·         GTA-1000m: $499, a 1x1,000-watt Class D amplifier; and

·         GTA-1105: $499, a five-channel 4x70-watt plus 1x400-watt hybrid AB-Class D amplifier.

All models feature adjustable 12dB/octave high-pass and 12dB/octave low-pass crossovers. The crossovers can be combined in the Class D models for band-pass operation, using the high-pass crossover as a subsonic filer, Boston said.

The company has also incorporated Q-Tune bass enhancement in all models, and, in the Class D models, user-adjustable "Q" for each amplifier's high-pass crossover filter.

Other features include its Symmetrical Signal Topology (SST) system, said to use balanced asymmetrical inputs for noise cancellation; an extruded aluminum chassis; and the Integral Mounting System (IMS), which allows for direct mounting without the need for extended mounting feet or tabs.

The company is also showing the $19.95-suggested GTA-RSL, an optional remote level control that delivers independent level adjustment of the subwoofer's output level.


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