Boston Rolls Out Drop-In Car Speakers


Peabody, Mass. - Boston Acoustics continued to roll out new car audio products with the shipment of a new entry-level 11-SKU high-efficiency speaker lineup intended for use with factory head units and other low-power audio systems.

The company recently returned to the market for

enclosed drop-in subwoofer systems

and separately launched

GTA series amps

that boost output up to 25 percent over their predecessors.

 The new entry-level SE speaker series provides drop-in installation options for multiple OEM cutouts and includes two component models, eight coaxial models, and one three-way model.

 Coaxial speakers range from the two-way 3.5-inch S35 at a suggested $69.95/pair to the 6x9-inch two-way SE95 at $129.95/pair. Other coaxial models come in 4-, 5.25-, 6-, 4x6-, and 5x7-inch sizes. A three-way 6x9 retails for $149.95/pair.

 The two-way component speakers are the 5.25-inch SE 50 at $149.95/pair and the 6.5-inch SE60 at $149.95/pair.

 The SE series replaces the similarly positioned S series and offers the same prices as the S series. All models feature 0.75-inch soft-dome tweeter with neodymium magnet.

  Key improvements in the coaxial models include a redesigned Contoured Asymmetrical Tweeter Baffle that offers a 20 percent improvement in off-axis response. Key models also add metal mesh woofer grilles for improved protection when a woofer is installed in non-factory locations. The tweeters in the component systems also now feature metal grilles.

 The component speakers also add multiple tweeter cups allowing for surface-angle, flush-angle, or flush-mount applications.


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