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Peabody, Mass. - D&M brands Boston Acoustics and Denon picked up the promotional pace with their first-ever joint consumer promotion, which incentivizes dealers to bundle Denon AV receivers with Boston Acoustics multichannel speaker systems at a savings to consumers.

Separately, Boston plans July shipments of a SoundWare home theater speaker package incorporating the brand's smallest-ever speakers, which are polyhedron-shaped and measure less than 4-inches-square.

The cross promotion, which runs from June 28 through Aug. 9, provides retailers with a profit opportunity and consumers with a value for quality products, said Joseph Stinziano, senior VP of sales and marketing for Boston Acoustics and Denon.

A "reasonable amount" of dealers offer both brands, Stinziano noted, but the promotion also gives dealers of one brand but not the other "an opportunity to explore buying into the other brand."

The cross-promotion will be supported by electronic promotion materials, including web banners, as well as with an outbound email template for dealers and print-resolution versions of web banners for use in circulars and other printed materials.

The promotion consists of three offers. Consumers who buy any Denon receiver and any five Classic series Boston speakers get a free $250 Classic Sub 10 subwoofer. In the second deal, consumers who buy any Denon receiver and Boston's Classic CS2310 five-speaker package save $250 on the speaker package, bringing the package's price down to $500 from $750. In the third deal, purchasers of any Denon receiver and any five Boston VS series flagship speakers get half off the $1,700 price of a VPS 210 subwoofer.

In a separate announcement, Boston plans July shipments of the $499 SoundWare XS home theater speaker package, which consists of an 8-inch 100-watt (continuous) powered sub and five polyhedron-shaped satellites incorporating 2.5-inch woofer and 0.5-inch tweeter. These indoor-only speakers, like the other polyhedron-shaped indoor/outdoor speakers in the SoundWare series, can be mounted in a corner, in the middle of a wall, or where a wall meets a ceiling. Their shape allows for flexible aiming of drivers. They're available in black or white.

The speakers' small size open up opportunities to add new Boston Acousics dealers within existing sales channels, Stinziano said.

Other SoundWare speakers are larger two-way models with 4-inch woofer.


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