Bose Makes Noise About Headphones

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New York - Bose plans mid-May availability through its direct channels of second-generation noise-canceling headphones.

The QuietComfort 2 at $299 incorporates multiple improvements, including ear cups that fold flat for easier storage, the incorporation of DSP technology and battery into the earcups rather than in an outboard box, and the addition of equalization across the audible spectrum to enhance perceived sound quality.

Like its predecessor, the QuietComfort 2 cancels background noise throughout the audible spectrum to improve the music-listening experience. When used in planes, offices, and other venues, the headphone's noise-cancellation technology helps reduce fatigue and stress, the company said.

The current model will be re-priced to $249 from $299 in late April.

Bose sells its noise-canceling headphones through its mall-based Showcase stores, factory-outlet stores, web site, and toll-free number.

Bose's noise-cancellation technology is incorporated in headphones used in U.S. tanks and other armored vehicles to liberate Iraq. The technology helps soldiers inside to better hear radio conversations, the company said.


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