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Bose Bows iPhone SoundDock

Framingham, Mass.—Bose updated its SoundDock iPod-docking speaker system to work with iPhones, including iPhone 3G models.

Shipping in early September at $299, the new SoundDock Series II bears the “Works with iPhone” label, which signifies a docked iPhone will continue to receive phone calls, even while playing music.

The Bose SoundDock Series II docks with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and most other iPod models. It also has a new auxiliary input to allow other MP3 players and music-ready cellphones to connect to the system

Works with iPhone” systems are shielded from the iPhone’s cellular-radio interference so there is no buzzing from the sound system’s speakers and they allow music from the phone to mute automatically when a call comes in. By contrast an iPhone docked in a “Compatible with iPhone” speaker system will go into “airplane” mode, unable to receive phone calls while playing music.