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Borders To Sell New Sony Reader

San Diego — Sony said it has reached a deal with Borders to make its forthcoming electronic book, the Sony Reader, available through approximately 200 Borders stores.

Sony unveiled the Sony Reader at International CES with the intention of selling the device through Sony Style Stores and, in addition to any consumer electronics or book retailers it could convince to carry it.

Electronic book titles for the reader are to be sold through the Sony CONNECT download service.

Through the deal with Borders, Sony Reader purchasers will have the ability to purchase prepaid cards that can be redeemed online for e-books at Sony CONNECT. The service will offer a broad selection of fiction and non-fiction titles from major and independent publishers, in addition to downloadable Web content including blogs, online magazines and news feeds.

The Sony Reader is about the same size as a standard paperback, measuring about 0.5 inches thick. It was designed to store hundreds of electronic book titles and other documents on a combination of internal flash memory and removable Memory Stick or Secure Digital flash-memory cards.

Though initially scheduled for spring when it was announced at CES, Sony’s electronic book was recently delayed until summer as Sony makes last-minute hardware adjustments. The reader is expected to retail for between $299 and $399.

The high-resolution (SVGA 800×600) electronic-paper display screen supports BBeB Book, PDF and MP3 formats and can also display JPEG images.