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Bob Borchardt, 75, Dr. Ray Dolby, 80, Remembered

NEW YORK – One was a top sales and marketing executive, the other one of the most renowned inventors in CE history; both passed away within days of each other earlier this month.

Bob Borchardt, 75, former Consumer Electronics Association chairman and Recoton Corporation president/ CEO, died on Sept. 6. Dr. Ray Dolby, 80, founder of Dolby Laboratories, died on Sept. 12.

Both generated heartfelt comments about their contributions to the industry at

On Borchardt, Steve Trice of Jasco Products, wrote, “Bob was a true friend, mentor and great competitor. He and I served together following his founding the accessories division of CEA. Though Recoton was the largest member and the rest of us were his competitors, he was a selfless mentor to all, seeking always the success of the industry.”

Frank DiBartolo said about Dolby: “It’s so sad to see an industry pioneer passing on. Dr. Ray Dolby has given the audio and video industry so many wonderful technologies that made so many industry advances in real world products.”

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