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B&O Readies iPhone 5 Compatibility For Docking Speaker

Deerfield, Ill. – Bang & Olufsen plans November availability of a eight-pin connector module that replaces a 30-pin connector module in its BeoPlay A8 docking-speaker system to accept the iPhone 5, new iPod Touch and new iPod Nano.

 The module is free to existing A8 owners, who will be able to pick it up in B&O stores, and it will be included with the A8 in future shipments, a spokesperson said.

 The $1,149 A8 also features wireless Apple AirPlay, enabling users to stream music from Apple’s iOS devices if they want to completely remove the connector module for a cleaner look.

The A8 is available in black or white at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide, at Apple stores in Europe and the U.S., at select design stores, and online at

The company said it is developing new docking speakers that will also be compatible with the iPhone 5.

 For its part, Bose in 2009 launched a modular docking-speaker system promoted as being future proofed. The $599 SoundDock 10, still available,  comes with swappable 30-pin Apple module and stereo Bluetooth module in the price. Bose is likely developing a nine-pin module to accept the iPhone 5 and new iPods.