B&O Offers BeoLink App At Apple's App Store

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Arlington Heights, Ill. - Bang & Olufsen has introduced the BeoLink application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad -- new software that is offered for free in Apple's App Store.

The application is designed to seamlessly expand and extend the experience delivered via Bang & Olufsen's Master Link Gateway by giving access to audio and video, as well as the home-automation system, using the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

When coming home, one can use the iPhone to switch on music and at the same time turn on the light in the house and unlock the front door. If outside in the backyard and the remote is not handy, the BeoLink application will still allow the homeowner to change the CD or turn up the volume on the television or audio system. When leaving for work, there is no need for one to worry about whether the music or television was turned off -- a push of a button on the iPhone will make it all happen, B&O said.

The BeoLink application, which is designed by Ikatu, sends its commands via Wi-Fi, and the interface is highly personalized and tailor-made to only show the scenes and commands that the customer requested when installing the Master Link Gateway.

It is a unique way to extend the benefits of the Master Link Gateway, with control from the minute one is within Wi-Fi range, said the company, and it offers control beyond the house limits.

The BeoLink application is available now via the Apple App Store.


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