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BlueAnt Intros Hands-Free Speakerphone

Santa Clara, Calif. – BlueAnt
today introduced its latest Bluetooth accessory: a hands-free voice-controlled
Bluetooth speakerphone.

The S4, which employs
text-to-speech technology, is designed to let users communicate without needing
to touch the phone or car speakerphone. When users say the hands-free trigger
phrase — “BlueAnt Speak To Me” — the device is ready for voice commands,
according to BlueAnt. Calls can be made by saying a person’s name, and the
device will read out callers’ names for incoming calls.

BlueAnt also said it had
partnered with Vlingo for an included SafeReader app for use with BlackBerrys
and Android 2.0+ devices. To activate the app, users press one button on the
phone and say “Start SafeReader,” allowing all incoming messages to be
delivered audibly through the S4.

The S4 also has the
ability to read aloud stock quotes, use navigation software and announce
turn-by-turn directions. It features the company’s Simply Connect technology
for setup and pairing assistance, checking the battery level, adjusting the
voice recognition sensitivity, finding out if the phone is connected, entering
pairing mode, turning off the LED light, and controlling calls and phone functions.

Talktime is listed at 20
hours, with 700 hours of standby time.  

The S4 will be
available May 23 for a $99.99 suggested retail.