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BlueAnt Bows Q2 Platinum

Santa Clara, Calif. –
BlueAnt Wireless has added to its line of Bluetooth headsets with the new Q2

Details include advanced
voice-control technology, Wind Armour Technology, and a text-to-speech feature
meant to allow completely hands-free communication. It also supports the
company’s Caller Name Announce feature that reads the names of incoming callers
from a database of up to 2,000 mobile phone contacts, which are transferred
automatically when the phone and headset are paired.

Another standard feature
on the Q2 Platinum is a free, downloadable Android app that lets any Android
2.0+ handset to play text messages through the headset, BlueAnt said. It has
five hours of talktime and 100 hours of standby.   

The company has also
partnered with Vlingo on its SafeReader application, which enables consumers to
hear text and email messages on BlackBerry smartphones and Android 2.0+ devices
equipped with any Q2 family headset. The Q2 Platinum comes equipped with A2DP
audio streaming and multipoint functionality.

The BlueAnt Q2 Platinum
is currently available for $129.