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Blockbuster Kicks Off Game Rental Promo

Dallas – Blockbuster has extended its DVD Rental Pass program to the game category.

Starting this week and running until Jan. 31 the movie and game rental giant is offering a Games Rental Pass.

For a flat rate of either $24.99, for Blockbuster Rewards Members, or $29.99, for non-members, renters can take home a different game every day.

Capitalizing on the popularity of its DVD Rental Passes, from Dec. 25 through Jan. 31 Blockbuster is going national with a Games Rental Pass. The Pass will provide one rental per day for 30 consecutive days for $29.99 for Blockbuster Rewards Members, $29.99 for non-Blockbuster Rewards Members.

‘This is a great offer for our gaming customers,’ said Brian Woodrick, director of Blockbuster’s Interactive Merchandising Blockbuster in a written release. ‘For less than the purchase price of one game, our customers will be able to rent a different game every day for a month. Games are expensive to purchase, and both kids and adult gamers get bored playing the same few games over and over again. Renting a variety of games keeps gaming new, fun and exciting.’