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Blaze Bows Parental Controls For Video Games

Blaze Games is showing a spate of products designed to help parents manage their children’s video game playing experience. They’re located at booth 72727 in the Sands.

The Xploder Parental GameLock has been designed to help parents by preventing their children from having access to PlayStation2 game content that they may deem unsuitable. The product’s software incorporates data from a variety of gaming certification bodies regarding a game’s content. It allows parents to upload this information to the memory card and lock it in place so that children can not remove it and so that only suitable games can be played. The product is now available and can be installed via a broadband-enabled PS2, or it can be downloaded to a USB device that parents can then use to transport the technology to the PS2.

Also available now is the Xploder HDTV player for PlayStation2. The product allows users to select from HD modes (480p, 720p and 1,080i) by scrolling through the options in an onscreen interface. According to the company, users can also select the 576p mode, which has been added for use with HDTVs with limited aspect-ratio controls. Once selected, the screen image can be positioned for optimum playback; the game will be played in the desired mode after swapping out the HDTV disc for the game and selecting “start.” Blaze says the player is compatible with 95 percent of all games.

The product carries a suggested retail of $39.99 and comes with an RGB cable.

Finally, the company is also showing its media-management software for Sony’s PlayStation3 and PlayStation Portable. The software solution is said to be similar to Apple’s iTunes library. According to the company, it can manage movies, music, images and game saves. It is said to be able to convert and rename files so that they fit with a PS3 or PSP file structure.

For more details and pricing information, visit the booth.