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Blank-Media Brands Tweak Looks

New York — Two major digital-media suppliers have recently refreshed their brand identities.

Maxell Corporation of America and Imation’s Memorex brand have both updated the packaging on all recordable CD and DVD products.

Maxell’s new package design features brighter colors and “a sleek, modern design, while maintaining the overall color scheme and prominent red and white logo branding that consumers have come to recognize,” the company said. The new packaging will also include an easier-to-read capacity bar for simpler shelf browsing.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve and reinvigorate Maxell’s product line and branding, while still remaining true to the core look and feel,” said Cheryl Severini, senior marketing manager. “This new packaging aims to be eye-catching on the retail shelves, and most importantly consumer-friendly. “

Consumers are seeing Maxell’s new package design in stores on a rolling basis this month. Product pricing will remain unchanged.

The new design follows by a few weeks a similar packaging design update from Imation’s Memorex brand, in an attempt to appeal more to female consumers.

The new Memorex packaging features a new logo, featuring simplified and solid lowercase letterforms. According to the company, the logo features a circle icon or “o” as the focal point, representing connections between family and friends. It is meant to embody the three core elements of the refreshed Memorex brand personality: vitality, simplicity and connections. These three components also serve as the key inspiration and the guiding principle in all product design and future communication from Memorex, the company said.

“The starting point in relaunching the historic Memorex brand was gaining clarity on our target consumer,” said Jeff Meredith, executive director of global brands, Memorex. “Through research, we found that women were largely neglected by current electronics brands. Our specific target consumer is a savvy female shopper, between ages 25 and 44, who is constantly on the go and has an expressive sense of style. She embraces technology as a way to help simplify and bring vitality to her life. Most of all, she expects technology to enhance the connection and experiences that she has with her friends and family.”

Memorex said it will be introducing distinctive electronics “featuring clean, contemporary and iconic lines; bold, vibrant colors; and intuitive features that bring enjoyment, connectedness and entertainment to people’s lives.”

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, women accounted for $90 billion of the $200 billion consumer electronic purchases in the U.S. market in 2007. Research also indicates that women are equally likely to purchase electronics at mass and consumer electronics retail outlets.

Memorex has also launched the “Memorex Fits Your Life” campaign featuring online, print and non-traditional advertisements to boost brand recognition. Print advertisements focus on real and sometimes surreal situations that women can relate to, the company said, and product features that fit a woman and her family’s lifestyle. The ads will be appearing in Domino, InStyle, “O” The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, People and other national lifestyle publications in the upcoming months.

A new Web site was also launched to reinforce the brand’s new identity.