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Black Friday Preview: Holiday LCD TVs See New Big-Screen Movers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – After advancing to the fastest-growing segment of the large-screen LCD TV class last quarter, 50-inch FullHD LED LCD TVs should finish the year on a dramatic upswing, according to pre-Black Friday research submitted by Quixel Research.

Quixel Research principal analyst Tamaryn Pratt said that during the third quarter of 2013, 50-inch LCD TVs for the first time represented the bulk of “big-screen” sales among LCD TVs measuring 40-inches and larger – a first for the screen size in that display technology sector.

“We’re anticipating that for the total year, sales of 50-inch LCD TVs will match or surpass the volume of 40- to 42-inch LCD TVs, the previous leader in the big-screen segment,” Pratt said.

She pointed to an expected surge over the course of the fourth quarter that will help over take the lead that 40- to 42-inch continued to enjoy in the first and second quarters of the year.

She added that, as in the past, the screen size that represents the overall leader in LCD TV sales is 32 inches, which holds about 33 percent share of the LCD TV market.

“The 40- to 42-inch segment has declined because of 50-inch — however, the caveat is that there were a variety of new screen sizes introduced for LCD this year that have made for a much more complex marketplace as far as screen sizes is concerned that makes this a little more confusing for the consumer. For example, there are some 38.5-inch models now that are now considered ‘40 class,’ ” Pratt pointed out.

She said the reason for the broader array of screen sizes this year can be traced to several manufacturers using different screen sizes this year to address a revised channel strategy to avoid head-to-head model competition among dealers in the same market.