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Black Friday PC Sales Growth Slows Slightly

San Diego – Black Friday computers sales grew at a somewhat slower pace this year with desktops actually losing sales, according to data from Current Analysis.

Desktops saw sales fall 7.2 percent on Black Friday compared to the 25 percent increase experienced in 2005. This decrease happened despite a 5.9 percent drop in average selling price to $464. This decline limited the categories increase to a still very healthy 22.9 percent. Last year sales were up 36.2 percent.

Notebook sales helped save Black Friday with a staggering increase in sales of 51.6 percent, just a tad higher then the 49 percent posted in 2005. The notebook category also saw a strong decrease in average selling price with the cost dropping 17.3 percent to $708. In 2004 the ASP was $1,045.

Current Analysis reported that Best Buy, Circuit City and CompUSA all advertised notebooks priced under $400 and desktops under $200 in their Thanksgiving weekend advertising inserts, Current Analysis said.