B&K To Expand Brick-Amp Selection

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Buffalo, N.Y. - B&K Components will expand its selection of digital Class D amplifiers, all brick-shaped two-channel models suitable for local amplification in custom-installed systems.

About two months ago, the company shipped its first-ever digital amp, the $398-suggested 2x30-watt (8 ohm) AV 30.2, said national sales manager Todd Westfall. In about a month, the company plans to ship the $498 2x60-watt AV 60.2, followed sometime later by the $598 2x100 AV 100.2, he said. Power output doubles into 4-ohm loads.

Because of their cool-running 92 percent efficiency, the amps can be mounted almost anywhere, including in an in-wall recess behind a wall-mounted flat-screen TV to power TV-connected in-wall speakers, he said. Each amp features RCA low-level inputs, speaker-level outputs, and an RJ45 input/output, which is designed to daisy-chain multiple AV series amps via CAT-5 cable for multichannel home theater or multizone use.

The amps feature Bang & Olufsen's ICEpower Class D amplification. Not only are they B&K's first digital amps, but they're the company's first local custom amps, Westfall said.

Sizes are 2.5 inches by 5.44 inches by 9.25 inches, 2.5 by 5.44 by 11.25 inches, and 2.5 by 5.44 by 12.76 inches.


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