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Bjorn’s To Carry SVS Subwoofers

Girard, Ohio — SVS has announced that Bjorn’s, the influential retailer/custom installer based in San Antonio, will be carrying its subwoofers.

“Much like SVS, [Bjorn’s has] established a disruptive strategy based on providing the best experience possible and letting customers interact on whatever level they are most comfortable, a model which has helped them flourish for over 30 years,” said Gary Yacoubian, president of SVS.

SVS offers its flagship 155-pound 1000W PB-13 Ultra ported subwoofer. For less-demanding home theaters and smaller listening areas, it has the compact SB-1000 sealed subwoofer, along with a range of other models for any size room, it said. SVS also makes a line of space-saving cylinder subwoofers when floor space is at a premium, but performance cannot be sacrificed, the company added.

“SVS does a phenomenal job of igniting people’s passion for high-performance audio,” said Bjorn Dybdahl, president of Bjorn’s. “Their brand has a unique vitality that is born out of a passion for exceptional sound and fostered by a loyal, educated customer base and the many, over-the-top reviews singing the praises of their subwoofers.”

Bjorn’s features the “Ultimate Room,” which is a completely sound-proofed home-theater showroom with a 10.2 audio setup and the latest in A/V electronics, allowing customers to see and hear the top end of what’s possible.  

“We are so impressed with SVS’s subwoofer designs, which can be appreciated with every cinematic explosion or musical bass riff. We’re proud to be chosen as the regional specialist and know our customers will love the SVS subwoofer experience,” Dybdahl commented.