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Biscotti Adds Cloud Service To Its TV Video Calling Device

MCKINNEY, TEXAS — Biscotti, the provider of HD video calling products that attach to a TV, announced the release of MyBiscotti Cloud Services, designed to extend the smart-TV video-conferencing experience, the company said.

Features of the Cloud Services include remote live image viewing, including time-lapse video, for home or business monitoring; remote monitoring of Biscotti’s status to make sure all Biscotti devices are online and ready to use and to check Wi-Fi signal strength; and remote settings configuration.

MyBiscotti Cloud Services are available to new and existing customers when they upgrade to software version 2.0 or later via an automatic software update.

“In the future, [the Cloud Servies] will also allow us to add services like multi-party calling and video mail, helping to further the user experience,” said Matthew Shoemake, Biscotti’s CEO and founder.

The Biscotti TV Cam offers an HD video-conferencing solution designed for the home, office or enterprise that utilizes a single calling appliance that sits atop any HDTV or HDMI-compatible screen. Using a Wi-Fi connection, Biscotti can make unlimited free video calls to other Biscotti devices, and to any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device.