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Bionopoly Bows Fingerprint Security Devices

Storage manufacturer Bionopoly displayed a variety of fingerprint security-based products at RetailVision, including its new Computer-On-A-Stick.

The products, selling under the FingerGear brand name, all feature a fingerprint-swipe mechanism designed to limit access to the stored data, said Jon Louis, company CEO and co-founder. The fingerprint system requires the user to swipe their index finger across a pad five times, enabling the Atmel FingerChip Sensor to properly recognize the fingerprint pattern. Up to five prints can be stored for each flash drive.

The Computer-On-A-Stick is a USB drive that incorporates a Linux-based operating system, allowing the user to replicate their home computer’s setup on any PC. The OS includes a variety of Microsoft Office compatible applications, eliminating the need and cost of licensing Microsoft’s Windows XP, yet still giving the consumers the ability to use all their usual Windows programs, Louis said. The device is based around 256MB of flash memory and is intended for business travelers and students. Suggested retail price is $99.

Two versions of the USB flash-memory drives are available in 256MB capacity, Louis said. The basic version carries a $100 street price and the step-up model, which features a small LCD for viewing the biometric information, is listed at $149.

Both products started selling through in late July, but have not been picked up by any other retailer.