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Big-Screen Flat-Panel TVs 58 Inches And Larger: Sony Electronics XBR-84X900 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Last November, Sony kicked off what appears to be the next era of the Digital Television Revolution by introducing the first consumer large-screen LCD 4K Ultra HD TV in the XBR-84X900.

The reverberations will likely continue for years to come – in par, warranting designation as the first winner of the TWICE VIP Award for the 58-inch and Larger Flat- Panel TV category.

Sony’s 84-inch 4K behemoth, which ringing in at a $24,999 suggested retail at launch, boasts a 3,840-by- 2,160 pixel resolution, and a unique 10-unit live built-in speaker system that bests even separate speaker bar systems. Sony uses its Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology to produce a thinner, more efficient sound with more faithful reproduction.

This first Ultra High Definition TV, promised up to four times the resolution of FullHD 1080p, and is targeted at well-heeled early adopters who absolutely must have the latest and greatest.

Although precious little exists in native 4K Ultra HD content to play on it today, Sony made sure consumers would get ample 4K bang for the buck by developing an advanced three-chip, 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine and upscaling system that takes video content ranging in quality from SD to FullHD 1080p and makes it appear to be close to 4K with minimal distortion or artifacts.

To whet consumer appetites for the real deal, Sony also provided the first purchasers of the flagship 4K set with a hard-drive-based media server pre-recorded with a handful of Sony Pictures movies and videos in full native 4K Ultra HD glory.

Set owners could later swap out the loaner server for Sony’s new Ultra HD media player that enables downloading additional native 4K titles using a broadband connection.