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× Adds Pick-Up Options

Minneapolis – Best Buy is offering more options to online shoppers who retrieve their purchases in-store.
As part of its “Store Pickup Plus” program, customers can place an order online and have another party claim it for them, whether out of convenience or to provide an out-of-town recipient immediate access to a purchase that was on their behalf.
In the past, customers were required to present the credit card on which the purchase was made in order to pick up the item in-store. Under the new “Friends & Family” option, those retrieving the order must show a government-issued photo ID and the order number.
Best Buy is also allowing customers to pick up purchases directly from its warehouses to help avoid delivery charges and scheduling conflicts for large items like major appliances, or to save time on orders that must be shipped to local stores.
In-stock products are generally available for in-store pick-up within 45 minutes of placing the order, Best Buy said.
The company described the recently launched program as “an evolution of traditional free shipping promotions, allowing customers to not only avoid shipping fees, but to receive their product more quickly, eliminate concerns about package delivery, increase confidence of product availability, and save shopping time by processing payments online.”
John Thompson, senior VP and general manager of, said the number of in-store pick-ups has increased significantly since the program was put in place. “Customers are eager to take advantage of multi-channel shopping solutions, and the enhanced Store Pickup Plus offerings allow Best Buy to take customer service to a new level.”