Best Buy To Test Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Los Angeles - Best Buy will begin testing charging stations for electric vehicles at 12 stores this March.

The charging stations are being supplied by San Francisco-based Ecotality under the Blink brand.

The pilot program, dubbed The EV [electric vehicle] Project, will target Los Angeles and San Diego; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; and Seattle, and may be expanded to additional markets and stores results.

The retailer presently sells electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles at 35 stores in six states and began testing battery-powered cars last year.

"Best Buy has shown true leadership [in] becoming a launch partner for The EV Project and exemplifies how corporate responsibility initiatives can directly benefit the customer experience, environment and society," said Jonathan Read, CEO of Ecotality.

The data gathered from the charging stations will provide insights into consumer charging behavior and identify potential incentives for host sites, Ecotality said.


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