Best Buy Settles Discrimination Suit


Minneapolis - Best Buy has settled a six-year-old lawsuit alleging discrimination against female, African American and Latino employees.

The suit said the CE chain denied female and minority store workers promotions and more lucrative sales positions.

Best Buy has denied any wrongdoing throughout the litigation, but has agreed to change its personnel policies and procedures to enhance equal employment opportunities, the retailer said.

According to Reuters, Best Buy will also pay $200,000 to the nine plaintiffs and as much as $10 million in legal fees and costs.

In addition, Best Buy has agreed to create a new position to oversee the diversity initiatives, and will post its non-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies on an internal company website.

Best Buy quoted one of the plaintiffs' attorneys as saying its commitment to the changes "makes it a ‘best in class' employer of women and minorities and a leader in the areas of diversity and inclusion." The company added that the changes are part of its "continuous improvement of its employees' experience and the systems which support that experience."

 The settlement has been submitted to the U.S. district court in Northern California for approval.


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