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Best Buy Picks Vitelli To Head U.S. Operations

Minneapolis – Best Buy has named Mike Vitelli executive VP
and president of its U.S. operations and Shari Ballard executive VP and
president of Best Buy International.

Previously Ballard and Vitelli shared the role of president
of the company’s Domestic business and had additional responsibilities for
operations in Canada and Mexico.

In a move announced Monday Best Buy said that in Vitelli’s
new role he will have full responsibility for the company’s domestic sales.
Previously, he was enterprise executive VP and president, Americas.

Ballard, as executive VP and president Best Buy
International, will oversee the company’s business operations in Canada, China,
Mexico and manage the retailer’s European operations.

 “To make the most of
the profitable opportunities we see both domestically and internationally, we
are establishing dedicated responsibility with two of our senior executive
leaders, Shari Ballard and Mike Vitelli,” said Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn.

Vitelli will be charged with creating a seamless customer
experience across all channels, as well as accelerating operational
enhancements to grow higher-margin sales of connections and services.

Ballard’s tasks include creating greater synergies between
Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada, while she will focus on strengthening the
brand in Mexico and improving cross-border commerce with the U.S. In China, she
will work to grow and improve the company’s Five Star retail chain, including
the installation of a pilot program for a mobile phone store-within-a-store.

In other Best Buy news, the company has combined its mobile and computer/tablet businesses into a single unit known internally as the connectivity business group (CBG).

The retailer will keep the Best Buy Mobile moniker as the public name of CBG, whose products represent over half the chain’s in-store sales and most of its fastest-growing categories, including e-readers, tablets, smart phones and accessories.

Under the new organization, sales staff will likely receive more training than standard Blue Shirts; mobile departments are expected to be remerchandised with additional non-phone devices; and computer and handheld sections could be relocated near the mobile areas. “This new team will ensure we are telling a complete story across connectable devices throughout our stores,” a Best Buy spokesperson told TWICE. “It’s not about pushing connections. It’s about talking to customers to see what options and products make sense for their needs.”