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Best Buy Launches DirecTV HD Promotion

Minneapolis — Best Buy began a promotion with DirecTV Sunday that offers giving customers $30 a month off of their DirecTV bills if they purchase any of three equipment packages bundled with DirecTV.

Best Buy said the promotion, which will run through June 24, was designed “to encourage customers to experience the best in high definition.” The retailer will pay a portion of a customer’s bill in the form of a credit appearing on each monthly statement. The offer applies to one of three new offers:

  • 12 months of credits when adding DirecTV HD Access and buying any HDTV priced at $999 or higher (a $360 value);
  • six months of credits when adding DirecTV HD Access and buying any HDTV priced under $999 (a $180 value); or
  • three months of credits when activating any new DirecTV service (a $90 value).

Best Buy said the promotion is part of its ongoing effort to educate consumers to the benefits of HDTV. The company uses advertising, promotions and in-store and online education efforts to alert customers that buying an HDTV set is not always enough to get HDTV content. Best Buy points out that customers need to connect to an HD source, use the right cables, add surround sound and have the home theater professionally installed to get HDTV in all its glory.

“We know that customers buying HD televisions are doing so because they want a certain kind of experience,” stated Chris Homeister, Best Buy merchandising for home theater VP. “By offering to help pay a customer’s DirecTV bill we’re making a dramatic statement about the importance of connecting a television to the right source for HD programming. We want customers to have the same quality picture in their home that they saw in our stores.”