Best Buy Interim CEO Addresses His Troops

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Minneapolis - Best Buy interim CEO G. Mike Mikan sent an open letter to company employees that gave few details on Brian Dunn's quick exit, but promised to keep staffers in the loop and come up with a new plan for growth.

Mikan tried to allay worries over Dunn's unexpected resignation and the news that the chain's board of directors was investigating the former CEO for possible personal misconduct.

Mikan said he would ensure that employees learned of any additional news about the company from its executives first. Mikan, who has been on Best Buy's board since 2008, did not go into any further details regarding Dunn's departure.

Mikan said he is pleased with the priorities put in place to help company growth, but at the same time the company's senior leadership team will create a new "blueprint for growth."

"This blueprint will be a longer-term plan designed to capitalize on the actions we already are implementing, and position Best Buy for sustained, profitable growth in the years ahead. I look forward to sharing more about this exciting work as it progresses," Mikan stated in the letter.

Mikan also filled in the Blue Shirts on his past, saying that while he has never worked in CE, he is a Minnesota native and has kept his eye on the company. Mikan was an executive at UnitedHealth. He is also the grandson of George Mikan, the former NBA star.

Dunn resigned earlier as Best Buy CEO and director before an audit committee investigation into personal misconduct could be completed.

The board is continuing its investigation, Ron Hutcheson, a spokesman for the Best Buy board, told TWICE, and doesn't expect it to be a "drawn-out process ... [it should] take weeks, rather than months."

The board is looking at both internal and external candidates for the CEO position, he said, which includes Mikan. 


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