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Best Buy Gains Gaming Velocity

Specialty PC maker Velocity Micro has bumped up its presence in Best Buy with the introduction of a gaming notebook into the chain.

The company’s initial notebook offering is the NoteMagix L80x Ultra, $1,999 suggested retail, the first Velocity notebook to use the retail, instead of direct, channel. Velocity Micro already sold desktops through Best Buy.

The unit is targeted at PC gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. It is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, has an NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600GS graphics engine, a built-in Web cam, a biometric fingerprint reader for security and a 15.4-inch screen.

The company also announced the introduction of its ProMagix W160, a workstation that utilizes the Intel quad core processing technology, code named Kentsfield that places four processors on a single die. An NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 graphics card is included along with a pair of 10,000rpm, 150GB hard drives. The ProMagix W160 will be available for the professional market later this year. Pricing has not been set.