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Best Buy Buying Used Games

Minneapolis – Best Buy is rolling out its previously announced
plan to buy used video games in about half its stores this week.

The trade-in program, which allows customers to exchange their pre-owned
titles for an instant Best Buy gift card, will soon expand to additional
locations, the chain said. Stores will also begin selling used games shortly.

The move mirrors GameStop’s successful used-game model, which has
proved popular with gaming enthusiasts and parents.

The retailer already offers a similar program online at that enables customers to get estimates for their games, mail them
in for free, and receive a Best Buy gift card seven to 14 days later.

“The expansion of our trade-in program reaffirms our commitment
to consistently pursue new ways to bring a better gaming experience to
consumers,” said Chris Homeister, senior VP and general manager for Best Buy’s home
entertainment group. “Fall marks the launch of several highly anticipated
gaming titles and new technology, and we’re thrilled to provide gamers with
innovative ways to connect with the games they love.”

To kick off the in-store program, customers who trade in their
games beginning this Sunday, Aug. 29, will receive an additional $20 Best Buy
gift card on top of the trade-in value on more than 100 popular titles.

Exchanges will be made at the customer service desk or dedicated
trade-in desks at select stores. Locations of participating stores can be found