Best Buy Adds New Geek Squad IT Service

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Minneapolis - Best Buy has added a new Geek Squad service plan that offers support for PCs, Macs and tablets purchased elsewhere.

Up to three products will be covered under the new Tech Support program, which covers virus removal, troubleshooting, operating system and software installation and repair, and basic hardware installation. Support will be provided in stores, and around the clock online and over the phone.

Pricing is $200 for one year and $280 for two years, and drops to $100/$180 with the purchase of a new PC, Mac or tablet at Best Buy.

"We're excited about giving people an opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with Geek Squad on their terms," said Geek Squad services director. "With this service, clients can contact us when they want, in the way they feel most comfortable -- in-store, online or over the phone."

 For total coverage, Geek Squad Tech Support can be combined with both Geek Squad Black Tie Protection service plans and PC setup with restore CD to cover new computer start-up for $230 annually.  A Pick 2 option enables customers to pair Geek Squad Tech Support with either Geek Squad Black Tie Protection or PC Set-Up for $169 a year.


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