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Best Buy Adds $197 HP Laptop To BF Offering

Minneapolis – Best Buy will offer what it describes as the “first-ever value-priced”
Hewlett-Packard laptop PC on Black Friday.

The model features an
Intel Celeron 900 processor, 2GB memory and a 160GB hard drive, and at $197
will be priced more than $50 below Best Buy’s lowest-advertised laptop to date.
That model, a no-frills Acer with similar specifications, was introduced
earlier this month for $249.

The $197 HP will be available in stores only beginning this
Friday, and will be featured in Best Buy
Black Friday preview ads airing now through Nov. 26 on network and cable TV.

Best Buy’s PC assortment
includes more than 30 laptops, six netbooks, 17 desktops and four all-in-ones
under the Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony, Toshiba and Lenovo brands.