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Bellabeat Allows Fetal Tracking Via Smartphone

Mountain View, Calif. –– Start-up Bellabeat is offering its first product, a pocket-sized digital sensor and accompanying app that allows expecting parents to track the fetal development of their baby using a smartphone.

The Bellabeat Tracking system amplifies the unborn baby’s heartbeat, tracks fetal movements, visualizes in-utero sounds and offers illustrations of the baby’s physical development. It also includes a tool for tracking pregnancy weight gain.

In addition, the app, available for iOS and Android phones, serves as a social-networking platform, allowing the user to interact with a global community of expecting parents.

“Emotional support is key during the entire term of a pregnancy. Expecting mothers endure a slew of emotional, hormonal and physical changes during this period and need an influx of support. The Bellabeat Tracking system provides the technology and social structure to reinforce expecting mothers’ support systems while providing an emotional connection to their unborn child.” said Ballabeat CEO Sandro Mur.

The Bellabeat system is available online at for $129. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.