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Belkin Delivering Bluetooth Headset, Plus Adapter Version

Belkin is shipping a lighter, more stylish Bluetooth headset including a Bluetooth audio adapter. Called model F8T061, the unit eliminates the messy tangle of headset wires connected to a cellphone, with its hands-free wireless communication.

Even if a consumer’s cellphone is not Bluetooth-enabled, Belkin offers a headset version that includes a Bluetooth audio adapter that adds Bluetooth capabilities to a phone.

Users can make and receive calls with one touch of a button, with calls activated by the answer/end button on the earpiece. It also supports voice dialing and works from up to 30 feet from the phone.

Headset benefits include working for Internet chat and telephony, speech recognition, music and multimedia games. It includes three exchangeable ear-plug designs for a comfortable fit, allows up to four hours of talk time and four days of standby time and offers “quick-pairing” to ensure ease of communication setup.

The headset has a suggested $79.99 retail, and the headset with Bluetooth dongle, or audio adapter, model F8T062, is $99.99. Both products had been scheduled for early spring shipping.