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Belkin Adds Apple Accessories

Belkin has introduced two products for the portable digital entertainment market and a third accessory device for the Mac mini computer.

The USB Anywhere, suggested retail price $39.95, is a data transfer device that lets a consumer download and store information from one digital camera or other flash or hard drive product to another, without a PC. The end user plugs the source and target devices into his USB ports and presses a button to initiate the download. It will ship in mid-October.

The Flip for Mac mini allows users to share a single monitor, keyboard and speakers between a mini and another USB-equipped desktop PC or notebook computer. It will ship early this fall with a $99.99 suggested retail price.

Shipping in August with a $49.99 suggested retail price is the TuneCommand for iPod. TuneCommand is a wireless remote with a 150-foot range that gives the user the ability to control eight basic commands while the iPod is attached to a home or car entertainment system.

Belkin also announced three new products on the home networking side of the business. The Wireless G Plus MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) consists of a the F5D9230-4 router, F5D9010 PC card — both of which started shipping last week — and coming in December the F5D9050 USB adapter. Suggested retail pricing for the router and PC card are $99 and $79, respectively, and the USB adapter is expected to cost $89.

The Plus G MIMO products have a 1,000 foot range, are 10 times faster than 802.11b networking, have improved resistance to interference from neighboring 2.4GHz WiFi networks, improved performance when working with other 802.11b or 802.11g devices, and do not drop to the lowest common networking speed when used in mixed networking environments.