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Bang & Olufsen Debuts DECT Phone

Bang & Olufsen is bringing some high-end gloss to the home phone category with its BeoCom 5 DECT 6.0 home phone system.

The two-line BeoCom 5 supports both landline and IP telephony and can expand out up to eight handsets.

The jet-black glossy phone features a 2-inch LCD display with 176 by 220-pixel resolution, nine display colors and eight ringtones. Menu browsing is done via an aluminum navigation wheel with four push points at the edge and a selection button in the middle which activates the most frequently used functions.

The phone boasts some unique visual effects. In standby mode, the phone’s surface appears uniformly black and glass-like, but when the BeoCom 5 is placed in the charger, a dimmed digital clock illuminates. The clock adds an alternate visual mode in which the minute and the hour hands are replaced by circles that move like planets orbiting each other, the company said. And when the handset is picked up, the backlight in the display and keypad activate revealing a customizable color theme for each individual handset.

The dedicated two-line BeoLine 2 base includes a speakerphone, a magnetic cradleless charger with table or wall placement options. The base can be detached from the power supply and taken from room to room, which B&O suggested was ideal for conference calling in small or home offices. Up to 400 contacts can be stored in the phonebook when the BeoCom 5 is used with the BeoLine 2.

“Our dealers and customers have been seeking a phone like this for some time now, and the pre-order list for it is already quite impressive,” said Zean Nielsen, president of Bang & Olufsen America.

BeoCom 5 will be available in all Bang & Olufsen showrooms mid-November. Suggested retail is $785 for handset, speaker charger and BeoLine 2.