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B & O To Ship Beo Vision 7 Integrated HT System

Arlington Heights, Ill. — Design-centric consumer electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen said it will ship this summer its BeoVision 7 40-inch HD LCD TV, which integrates a home theater system, including a DVD player, digital surround sound module and center-channel speaker.

The BeoVision 7 ($13,250 suggested retail including a choice of center-channel speakers) features B&O’s VisionClear HD video processing engine. The system’s digital sound module supports surround sound in 7.1 channels and the connection of BeoLab loudspeakers, including the supplied BeoLab 7-2 or BeoLab 7-4 center-channel speakers, the company said.

BeoVision 7 is said to be “based on a global digital platform.” The two center-channel speaker options include the vertical BeoLab 7-4 loudspeaker, equipped with the company’s Acoustic Lens technology, to provide 180 degree sound dispersion from the treble. Alternatively, the horizontal BeoLab 7-2 loudspeaker offers high-quality stereo sound.

The VisionClear engine is a package of video processing technologies including an anti-reflective contrast screen for viewing even in strong room light, an adaptive motion compensation algorithm for more natural motion image presentation, dynamic noise reduction and automatic picture control sensors. The system automatically and continuously adjusts the picture quality to match the current light conditions, B&O said.

Unique design accents include auto-opening electronic curtains and a DVD loader that swings out from below the screen in a silent, smooth movement when activated. The DVD is “embraced with a prismatic lighting effect, which also illuminates the text on the disc.”

Other features include a motorized floor stand and wall bracket, with tilt and turn control from the remote control.

The BeoVision 7 will also integrate with B&O’s BeoLink home integration networking system that allows multiroom distribution with everything controlled by Beo4.

Stand options range from $500 to $1000 and include rotating floorstand, tablestand and/or wall bracket.