AVC Expands Worldwide Training Program

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Carlsbad, Calif. - The AVC Group, in a effort to provide its international distributor network with a new level of training support,  has begun a comprehensive training program that combines trade show, Internet, and field-based classes into one global training initiative.

According to Ken Johnsen, international training manager at The AVC Group, the new program was rolled out last month at ISE 2012 and featured brand specific training on the Elan, Niles, Xantech, Sunfire and Aton brands. "Over a five-day period we trained a large percentage of our European distributor partners and their trainers on every aspect of each brand's product line," Johnsen said. "We are now taking this same integrated approach and bringing it to every part of the world."

The entire focus of The AVC Group's international education effort, Johnsen emphasized, is to "train the trainers" to be complete experts in all of the five brands' product offerings. "Our goal is to provide our distributors with the tools they need to successfully represent any brand within The AVC Group. To achieve this goal, we are combining trade show, internet, and field-based classes into a single comprehensive program that allows for the largest number of trainers to be trained in the most time and cost-efficient way possible. These training courses will culminate in a certificate of completion for various products and techniques unique to the brands of The AVC Group."

 Regarding trade-show-centric events, Johnson said that The AVC Group will be hosting multi-brand training at CEDIA 2012 in Indianapolis. Field-based training is now scheduled to take place this year as follows: February in Australia

and New Zealand; March in Russia and Europe; April in Beijing, Shanghai and Southeast Asia; June in Peru and Brazil; July in India and Dubai; September in Carlsbad, California; October in Asia and Southeast Asia. Johnsen stressed that each field-based program will be structured to meet the needs of each region, and most likely be a week-long exercise that he calls a "HiFive" training event.

This event will have two full days devoted to Elan, and one day each devoted to Niles and Xantech, and a half-day each to Sunfire and Aton.

Regarding Internet training events, Johnsen plans to utilize each brand's already-established online training videos and classes, while at the same time creating smaller, highly focused sales and technical trainings that will emphasize software updates, system designing, programming techniques, as well as launches in new product categories. These trainings will be delivered via WebEx, Skype and/or conference calls.

For more information about specific training events and schedules, distributors are encouraged to contact Ken Johnsen directly at


, by phone at (760) 710-0546 or Skype using




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