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AVB/Brand Source Launching Whole Home Source

Palm Desert, Calif. — AVB/Brand Source will launch a new branding umbrella, Whole Home Source, to convey to consumers that the buying group is now a one-stop shop for appliances, electronics, home furnishings and, most recently, floor coverings.

The move follows a new partnership with Flooring Plus, a Baltimore-based buying group for independent floor covering merchants that goes into effect Feb. 1. The affiliation will provide Flooring Plus members with additional opportunities in marketing and advertising services, health benefits, retail financing and other benefits developed by AVB/Brand Source that could help increase dealers’ volume and profitability, the groups said.

For AVB/Brand Source, the partnership adds another element in its goal of creating a “whole home solution” for consumers and retailers that already includes white goods, CE, specialty A/V, bedding, premium outdoor cooking products and rent-to-own wares.

“The opportunity to offer consumers a whole home solution creates a tremendous competitive advantage for all of our members,” said AVB/Brand Source’s executive director Bob Lawrence, citing the ability to keep shoppers within the group’s own family of brands and out of competitors’ stores. “Not only is our group today about creating footprints in the store for our members, but we are also about creating competitive advantages for all of our members and looking for ways to retain our most valued customers that provide for the bulk of our profits.”

Whole Home Source will also have a dedicated Web site at