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AVAD To Carry Luxul Wireless Lineup

Van Nuys, Calif. –
AVAD will promote and distribute the wireless signal technologies line of Luxul
Wireless through its North American stores and dealer network.

AVAD is a
distributor of custom electronics products for home theater, home automation,
commercial A/V, security, distributed A/V, lighting controls, HVAC and more.
Pro-WAV products, which expand the wireless coverage area and improve overall
network performance, are now available in all 28 AVAD branches.

Using Luxul’s
high-performance solutions, wireless home area networks can easily be extended
by up to 400 percent, while maintaining high data rates. This allows for
delivery of whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point
(WAP) in installations that have traditionally required multiple WAPs, AVAD

 “Luxul Wireless Pro-WAV solutions are a
natural addition to AVAD’s product offerings,” said Jim Annes, VP/general
manager of AVAD. “Luxul offers our dealers a simple, high-performance option
for extending wireless network coverage and increasing customer satisfaction.”

In addition to
Pro-WAV products now being more easily accessible to AVAD’s network of more
than 10,000 certified dealers, Luxul will also actively participate in AVAD’s
training programs, the distributor said. To support its dealer network, AVAD
offers training at all of its 28 North American branches to provide dealers
with the information and tools needed to maximize profitability with each
installation. To assist AVAD dealers with wireless network design, installation
and optimization, Luxul will offer both online and onsite classes through AVAD University,
AVAD’s continuing education program that makes manufacturers directly available
to dealers.

Luxul Wireless
Pro-WAV solutions implement patented digital signal boosting technologies along
with an advanced circular polarization signal technology called Clear-WAVTM.
Luxul products are used in hospitality, health care, military/defense,
education, home area networking, commercial hot spots and mesh networking