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Avaak Offers Details On Home Video Monitoring Network

Palm Dessert, Calif. — Avaak provided more details on its Vue video network product at the Demo show, here.

The Vue system is comprised of battery-powered wireless cameras with magnetic mounts. According to the company, the cameras employ a “proprietary ultra-low power wireless network technology to maximize battery life,” which enables the cameras to transmit 1 million frames on a single battery.

A camera battery lasts a year under “normal use” the company said.

The cameras will automatically connect via this proprietary “Frame Mesh” network technology to a gateway, which is in turn connected to a broadband router or modem. The system will include two digital cameras out of the box and up to 50 can connect to a single gateway.

Accessory cameras will retail for $99.

The cameras have a range of 300 feet or more with optional repeaters. They record video at either 320 by 160/7 fps or at 160 by 120 resolution at 15 fps. They are also capable of capturing VGA resolution still photos.

The system is managed via an Internet browser. The Flash-based VueZone Web site will let consumers access network cameras, email videos and schedule recordings with up to 2GB of online video storage.

The system is expected to ship later in the year.