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A/V Furniture Bundling Offers Easy Add-On Profit To Component Sales

NEW YORK — With U.S. sales approaching $30 billion a year, furniture qualifies as one of those categories that straddles the line between commodity and luxury. While every household needs furniture, there is a massive range of styles, materials and price points available.

Fortunately for CE retailers, furniture can be one of the easiest add-on sales to make. If a customer falls in love with a 60-inch TV and matching soundbar, often the next thought is “where am I going to put it?” Just displaying a TV and components on an A/V stand or cabinet sized to match removes one of the primary barriers to a sale, dealers told TWICE. In addition, a large TV or high-end A/V component is generally a luxury purchase, so the customer has arrived in-store ready to spend if the selection is right.

The reality is, a customer who needs a piece of A/V furniture has a lot of choices. “If he is not going to purchase it in the same store as the CE equipment was bought, he’s going to walk out and find an Ethan Allen, or a Bassett or Thomasville showroom and make his purchase there. It behooves CE dealers to offer the curation, display and even assembly of A/V furniture as a value-add feature to a CE sale,” said one buying group member, who noted his five locations did more than $3 million in attachment furniture sales in 2012.