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Auvi Announces VoIP Gateway Adapter

Auvi Technologies (booth 70622, Sands) will be highlighting WIP22, its VoIP Gateway adapter designed for Skype. WIP22 can make and receive landline and Skype calls from a single telephone. It supports call-forward function (Skype divert to PSTN and PSTN divert to Skype), and can conference call between PSTN and Skype calls, as well as switch back and forth between the two. The product uses a PC as a digital answering machine to avoid missing calls, and is designed to offer seamless integration with other Skype services such as SkypeIn and SkypeOut. It has a USB connection with no additional power required, three-LED status indicators (power, USB, PSTN), and it works with broadband or dial-up Internet connection. Pricing and shipping dates were not available at press time.