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Autonet Ships OEM Car Internet Dev. Kit

San Francisco
, maker of a Wi-Fi hot spot for the car, has created an OEM developer
kit to allow its hot  spot to be embedded
in new cars.

The kit will allow “reliable Internet connectivity” in the
dashboard, said the company, whose hot spot is already available for Chrysler,
Jeep, Dodge, Volkswagen
or Cadillac CTS vehicles as a dealer option.

Autonet CEO Sterling Pratz noted, “We are creating the connected

The hot spot developer kit uses an Intel Atom processor and
Linux-based software.

“We have received a lot of requests from the auto manufacturers
to provide an open-connectivity platform to support their in-dash connectivity
needs for future models,” said Pratz.

The Autonet hot spot creates an EV-DO cellular connection that is
then converted to Wi-Fi so that many passengers in the car can access Internet
service for their laptops, gaming machines and other devices.

Autonet claimed its product manages the EV-DO connection down to
the packet layer, so the system holds on to packets and redistributes them to
prevent dropped calls.  Car passengers
can then check Facebook and email, watch YouTube, listen to Internet radio,

The hot spot is also sold through such retailers as,
Crutchfield and Advance
Auto Parts