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Auto Page Intro’s Cellphone-Controlled GPS Tracker

Torrance, Calif. — Auto Page is entering the GPS tracking market with the first GPS tracker that allows real-time tracking from the user’s existing cellphone.

Many GPS tracking devices let users track their car over the Internet from a PC, but the Auto Page C3 lets users track their vehicle from their cellphone, although it can also work with a PC.

The C3 sets up an icon-driven menu that resides on the user’s cellphone so that the phone acts a two-way remote commander, said Auto Page sales and marketing VP Mike Northup.

The C3 is a quadband GSM cellular system that will work with five Auto Page two-way keyless entry and remote-start systems to provide cellphone control of most functions.

The system offers tamper-alert notification, status check (locked or armed) a panic car finder, trunk release and temperature check.   It allows users to remote start the car from anywhere they have cellphone service, check fuel and odometer readings and in some cars check tire pressure level, after remote starting.

The GPS tracking functions include geo-fencing or instant notification if the vehicle leaves a predetermined geographic boundary, and speed alerts if the car travels over a preset speed limit (for monitoring teens). It can also identify the location of the vehicle and provide a tracking history.

The C3 will be available in mid-November at a suggested retail of $429 (not including security/remote-start system, which start at $299). Service charges begin at $149 per year for 200 uses per month.

The system may be used with cellphones from all major carriers and does not add extra cellphone usage fees said Auto Page.