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Audyssey Targets Headphone Tech To Mobile Devices

Los Angeles – Audyssey is going to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next week with a new smartphone and tablet technology that adds depth and width to the soundstage when audio is played through headphones.

The technology, called Audyssey 60°, is a software-based solution that can be implemented in any mobile device, mobile app, or computer without adding hardware costs, the company said.

Content “is produced in calibrated studios where sounds can be placed in specific locations to create a seamless soundstage,” but that experience “gets lost when listening over headphones because they don’t deliver the necessary sound cues to both ears simultaneously,” company literature stated. Audyssey 60° re-creates “the missing acoustical and psychoacoustical cues,” which are sent to both ears to “give the spatial sensation of listening to the original recording in true stereo.”

“With headphones it’s impossible to reproduce the soundstage experience of the original recording because headphones can’t deliver sound to both ears,” added founder and chief technical officer Chris Kyriakakis. “As a result, significant portions of the required acoustical and psychoacoustical cues are missing. With Audyssey 60°, we restore this missing information to deliver a natural, more precise listening experience.”

Other methods of restoring spaciousness to a headphone soundstage feed the signal from each side to the opposite ear but “with little success,” Kyriakakis contended. The Audyssey technology, in contrast, sends “the proper blend of acoustical and psychoacoustical cues to both ears simultaneously,” creating the impression of a much wider soundstage, he said.

The technology provides “the most accurate and realistic sound stage” while eliminating listening fatigue “associated with extended headphone-listening sessions,” company literature stated.