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Audyssey Readies "Do Not Disturb" Mode

Los Angeles – A new
post-processing technology developed by

Audyssey Laboratories

for AV
receivers and HTiBs will let consumers enjoy bass late at night through their home
theater without disturbing the sleep of people in other rooms.

The technology, called low-frequency containment
(LFC), will appear in AV receivers later this year from Onkyo, Denon and
Marantz, Audyssey told TWICE. Consumers will press a button on a remote or on a
product’s front panel to engage LFC mode.

The technology addresses the ability of bass
waves below 200Hz to penetrate walls more easily than high-frequency waves,
said Audyssey co-founder and CTO Chris Kyriakakis. To keep the peace with
family members and other apartment dwellers, LFC dynamically limits bass output
according to volume changes in program material. At the same time, however, LFC
artificially synthesizes harmonic tones based on the lost fundamental bass
tones “to give consumers the impression of improved bass,” Kyriakakis
explained.  These higher frequency
harmonics, he noted, are less capable of penetrating walls than fundamental
bass tones.

The synthesized harmonics are added on top of
the existing harmonics of the program material’s bass tones.

Walls muffle high-frequency sounds by 20dB more
than they muffle bass frequencies, he noted.

LFC is one of three audio post-processing technologies
that Audyssey plans to announce in the coming months.