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Audyssey Expands TV, Mobile-Device Portfolio

Los Angeles – Audyssey
Labs is expanding its portfolio of audio-processing technologies for TV sets, portable
devices and mobile devices with the launch of Audyssey Volume Extension, said
to double the volume delivered by small speakers without increasing audible

 The new
technology will appear in the U.S. for the first time in select Insignia-brand
TVs in late August and in other-brand TVs either late this year or next year,
the company said.

The technology is also targeted to such portable
devices as laptops and cellphones, said chief technology officer Chris
Kyriakakis. The technology would also be appropriate for iPod-docking speaker
systems, but the company hasn’t yet targeted that class of products, he said.

The first Audyssey technologies appearing in
U.S. TVs were






. Audyssey is also targeting
those technologies to portable and mobile devices. All three technologies appear
in select Insignia and Sanyo TVs in the U.S., and EQ appears in select Toshiba
TVs in the U.S.

With Audyssey Volume Extension, suppliers can
boost the volume of small speakers in TVs and small devices by up to two times,
or 10dB, without adding audible distortion, Kyriakakis told TWICE. The company
achieves that goal by modeling the characteristics of the speakers designed for
a particular TV set or mobile device “so we know when they will distort,” he
explained. The Audyssey technology then monitors the device’s audio content before
it reaches the speakers, then blocks the distorted sounds, or unwanted
harmonics, from reaching the speakers.

He called the technology ideal for any product
with limited power output or with limited driver size.