Audyssey Expanding In Automotive Sound Systems

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Los Angeles - Audyssey expanded its presence in automotive sound systems with the announcement that Volvo used the company's MultEQ acoustical-correction technology to calibrate the response of the Volvo S60 sound system.

The technology, used in home audio products and theaters, is already available in Alpine aftermarket autosound products, and it was used by Jaguar to tune the response of the 2010 Jaguar XJ.

More OEM sound systems will use MultEQ in the future, and other Audyssey technologies might also appear in future OEM sound systems, the company said.

In the Volvo, MultEQ was used to calibrate the automaker's most advanced sound system, a 12-speaker Premium Sound system. User controls aren't available in the Volvo or Jaguar.


corrects for both time and frequency response problems caused by speaker placement and reflections in specific vehicles. The result, Audyssey said, is an improved soundstage in every seat, vocals that are more focused, restored musical balance, precise localization of musical instruments, and surround sound that is made seamless and enveloping.

Audyssey technologies that could migrate to vehicles include Audyssey Dynamic Volume, which maintains a consistent volume level when switching among sources or radio stations or radio stations transition to commercials.

 Other Audyssey technologies include Dynamic EQ, which preserves tonal balance and surround impression during lower level listening, and Audyssey DSX, which enhances the envelopment of surround sound and improves the blend between front and surround channels.


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