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Audiovox Shows Expanded Line Of Flat Panels

Audiovox will show at CEDIA Expo its newly expanded flat-panel TV lineup, featuring two new plasma models in the 52W- and 50W-inch screen sizes, in addition to seven LCD TVs ranging from 8- to 47W-inches.

The highlight of the line will be a 50W-inch HD plasma set, which carries a $3,995 suggested retail price. Model FPE5016P features a highly-styled bezel design with detachable speakers, built-in ATSC- tuner, Faroudja DCDi video processing, HDMI input and picture-in-picture.

The new 42W-inch FPE4216P HD plasma set incorporates most of the same features, plus a tilt stand at a $2,200 suggested retail.

Highlights of the LCD TV offerings include the FPE4706 47W-inch LCD TV ($3,600 suggested retail) with 1,080p resolution, built-in ATSC tuner, Faroudja DCDi video processing, and HDMI input.

The FPE2706DV ($1,150 suggested retail) is a 27W-inch model with a built-in modular DVD player, USB card port, 16:9 aspect ratio and ATSC tuner. Other features include Faroudja DCDi video processing and HDMI, component video and VGA inputs.

Meanwhile, the FPE1080 8-inch LCD TV ($229) features a built-in slot-load DVD player, 4:3 aspect ratio, 181 NTSC tuner and SD/MMC card slot reader.

The FPE1506 ($369) is a 15-inch LCD TV with 4:3 aspect ratio, NTSC tuner, and component video input.

The FPE1506DV ($480) adds a built-in DVD player with USB card port.

The FPE1906 DV ($625) is a 19W-inch LCD TV with built-in DVD player and USB card port.

The FPE2006DV ($679) is a 20-inch LCD/DVD player with a 4:3 aspect ratio and EDTV-resolution.

The FPE1020W ($480) is a portable DVD player with a 10.2W-inch 16:9 LCD TV screen, 2.5-hour battery charge life, Wi-Fi wireless router included (battery/AC powered).